Month: January 2012

More politics…SMH

As much as I hate the subject, I feel compelled to write about politics once again.

I’m sick and tired of political debates on FB. I don’t know about you, but my political beliefs are personal. I don’t try to get attention by posting things about how screwed up the federal budget is, or about the Occupy movement, or about how desperately we need Obama out of office soon.

There are more important things in life. There are people dying every day who have never heard the name of Jesus, and we’re more concerned about arguing over things of little to no significance in light of eternity.

Jesus wants to make us fishers of men, not political crusaders. My Savior and His disciples did not protest the treatment of Jews by the Roman Empire. My Lord did not love only the people who agreed with him. And the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world most definitely did not go on Fox News and lecture people about being a good Republican. When will people learn that Jesus did not represent a political agenda? And when will people realize that being a Republican does not equal being a sincere Christian?

Basically, if you wanna waste your time on earth following politics like it’s your job, and whining about the things that need to be changed, then don’t do anything. It’s your funeral. Last time I checked, God doesn’t give heavenly rewards to the people who  voted every year.

Instead, God wants followers of His Son Jesus Christ, not campaign contributions.



Looking ahead to 2012: NMSU football (offense)

I’d like to preface this by saying that I’m not a sports writer by any means, but here we go: looking ahead to 2012 for the NMSU Aggies’ football squad (on offense). Some people might think I’m crazy to be optimistic about this program, but I can see lots of bright spots for the future.

Season Outlook

Well, here we are – entering DeWayne Walker’s fourth year as head coach. And boy, has he done a good job. He’s really turned around what used to be a program that expected to lose each week. But now, we’re competing and working really hard to improve. Walker was a secondary coach in the NFL for years and has also worked for Pete Carroll at USC and Karl Dorrell at UCLA, among others. So basically, Walker knows how to win, and he’s really helped change the culture here at NMSU. Sure, the fans still don’t show up in droves on Saturdays, but give it time. We’ll get there eventually.

Offensive Backfield

From a personnel standpoint, we seem to be OK. Andrew Manley is back for his junior season at quarterback after tearing up his knee in the third game last season. Manley is more than capable to hang on to the starting job, but nevertheless, junior college transfer Andrew McDonald arrived on campus recently to push for the position.

At tailback, it will be tough to replace Kenny Turner, a real spark plug who left a year early for the NFL. But senior Robert Clay is a speedster who could win the starting job, provided that he has a solid spring. Junior college transfers Lavoris Powell and Akeelie Mustafa should also see lots of action this season.

Offensive Line

We’re normally pretty good in the trenches, so I was surprised to see that the Aggies were second-worst in the WAC in sacks allowed. We’ve gotta replace three seniors from 2011, and depth is still a concern, but we’ve got some young talent ready to step in and play hard. I think that our offensive tackles will be especially good (all-conference pick Davonte Wallace and junior college transfer Alfred Sharp). We’ve also got two seniors at guard (Andrew Kersten and Maveu Heimuli) as well as another JUCO transfer, Dada Richards. Center Valerian Ume-Ezeoke could be an all-conference pick in the near future.

Hopefully, these guys can keep Manley on his feet.

Wide Receivers

I’ll be the first to admit that All-American Taveon Rogers will be very tough to replace, but we’ve still got talent left in senior Kemonte Bateman and speedy sophomore Austin Franklin. Coach Walker’s son, Kevan, recently transferred from Oregon State and is ready to make an impact. The Aggies have also got some young guys that will provide depth.

Tight Ends

NMSU has a lot of depth here, led by seniors David Quiroga and Trevor Walls, sophomore Jackson KaKa, and junior college transfer Perris Scoggins. We should be fine with some solid possession receivers and good blockers.

Offensive Staff

After only one season in Las Cruces, veteran offensive coordinator Doug Martin left for a high-profile BCS team (Boston College). But Coach Walker quickly brought in Martin’s former colleague, Jerry McManus, to run virtually the same offensive system. This should mean that we can score points and compete again in the WAC. Additionally, O-line coach Jason Lenzmeier left to return to coach at his alma mater, so Walker hired relative newcomer Brad Bedell.

Religion vs. Jesus

So I never bothered to post the Spoken Word video about hating religion, but loving Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, some of the things he says are spot on, but at the same time, it can give the wrong perception.

Yes, Jesus came to rid the world of legalistic religious expectations. His death means that I don’t have to follow the Judaic law anymore, and His resurrection means that I worship a risen King, not a dead hero.

I’ll be the first to agree that some things about the church need to change. It seems that churches and denominations are always fighting over theological issues, whether important or not. Churches also alienate non-believers without even trying sometimes, which also means that churches need to be culturally relevant.

Basically, the core doctrines of the church (i.e., the historic Christian faith) do not need to change, but the approach towards interacting with non-believers does need to change. Jesus Himself did not demand that His followers get their act together before becoming disciples. Instead, He simply wanted them to “follow me.”

In the same way, all the theological issues that are historically controversial should be put to the side, whether they be predestination, church pacifism, etc. While some are very important to church life and all should be examined closely, there shouldn’t be as many arguments as there currently are. Christians are all one body, as St. Paul said. I think it’s time we started following the example of Jesus, rather than cultural rules or expectations.

Thanks for your time! God bless 🙂


Back on campus :)

You guessed it, lol. I got in to El Paso Int’l Airport at about 8:30 Mtn. Time on Sunday night. Classes start tomorrow (Thursday the 19th), so I’ve just been relaxing and chilling lately with my amazing dorm friends!!

This semester, I’m taking two General Ed classes (history and social work) and two classes for the CMI major (storyboarding and history of cinema). I’m also looking forward to my Theatre Acting course, which technically is a THTR class but it counts towards the CMI major. I’ve always enjoyed acting, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Wish me luck: my first class is at 8:55 tomorrow morning. Here’s to an awesome semester 🙂

New year, new semester

So I haven’t blogged in the year 2012 yet, but I figured that you all would wanna hear about how I’ve been doing. I’m definitely excited to start a new year and a new semester! I leave to go back to Las Cruces this coming Sunday, January 15th. 

I can’t wait to start up classes again and be with all my friends at NMSU 🙂 I’m excited to see what God is doing in Las Cruces, I’m pumped to go to the athletic events, and I’ll be glad to be with all my friends in Monagle Hall again! I hope and pray that this semester will be less up-and-down than the fall semester was, but either way, God is in control. 

I’ll be in touch with all you guys in due time, but until then, have an amazing spring semester! I’ll see you all in early May, if not earlier. Take care!