NMSU’s quarterback derby – pt. 3

So it’s more or less official – senior Andrew McDonald will be named the opening day starter for the Aggie football team. The most experienced of the three candidates, McDonald is a dual-threat option who has the smarts and athleticism to run Coach Doug Martin’s up-tempo offense.

It was a bit of surprise to me when QB Travaughn Colwell, McDonald’s primary competition, was moved to wide receiver due to depth issues. A terrific athlete, Colwell had an excellent spring game, although he remains inconsistent as a passer. However, King Davis III, a true freshman, has surprised some people and moved to the #2 spot on the depth chart at QB. He’s had an outstanding fall camp and brings a lot of talent to the table. Colwell remains third string entering the season opener.

I know both McDonald and Davis personally; they’re smart, gifted guys who have worked hard all offseason. I hope that they can both stay healthy and run the NMSU offense well. Both are talented enough to run the no-huddle, up-tempo offense, and have responded well to Coach Martin and offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon.

Regarding Colwell, he’s athletic enough to adjust to the receiver position and be an open-field threat for us. But if injuries strike, he’ll probably head back to QB.

The Aggies open the 2013 season on the road August 31st, against the Texas Longhorns.


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